Ever Wish Google Maps, WAZE or MapQuest Displayed Tolls?

Now you can easily and quickly calculate tolls costs for any route in the US & Canada through the Tollsmart app for iPhone & Android as well as on our newly launched website version of the Tollsmart Toll Calculator.


Tollsmart is the only app that calculates tolls costs across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads in the the US & Canada and supports all vehicles from motorcycles to passenger cars and RVs to trucks and semis up to 9-axles. It also factors in transponder discounts from over 50 tolling agencies including E-ZPass, I-PASS, SunPass, TxTag and FasTrak! 


Download Tollsmart for iPhone & iPad or Android today and start making smarter driving decisions!

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Thanking Those Who Serve

Tollsmart Provides Service Members Free Access to US Toll Calculator for Summer 2016

This Memorial Day the team at Tollsmart wants to serve those who serve all of us each and every day, so we're providing free access to the Tollsmart Toll Calculator to members of the US Military during the entire summer of 2106.  This group loves to travel, and whether it's for a quick family getaway, a PCS or TDY the Tollsmart Toll Calculator will help service members budget for toll costs and find cheaper routes that will save them money.


$15 Value 

The Tollsmart Toll Calculator is the only application that calculates tolls across the entire US, and since launching the desktop version a few months ago thousands of users have paid to use it for planning car trips. We're delighted to now make it available for service members for free from Memorial Day through Labor Day, a savings of $15 off the subscription price. But the savings in toll fees could be far beyond that for those traveling through heavily tolled areas like the Northeast US, Upper Midwest, Florida and Texas. Below is additional information and how members of the military can obtain free access.


Works Like Google Maps

Tollsmart for the web works just like Google Maps, with an autocomplete feature to make it super simple to look up locations, addresses and places of interest. Simply enter your starting and ending locations and click submit!

Provides Up to Three Routes

Tollsmart will then display up the three route options on a map along with toll costs, travel time and distance for each route so you can quickly and easily compare routes based on cheapest, fastest or shortest.  

Displays Detailed Toll Info

Tollsmart also displays detailed information on every toll facility you'll encounter along your route, including the transponders that are accepted and cash and transponder prices.

How to Get Free Access


To request free access to the Tollsmart Toll Calculator through Labor Day 2016 send an email to military@Tollsmart.com using your military email account (we'll use this to verify your military status) and within 24 hours you'll receive an email with instructions for logging in to your free account.


The team at Tollsmart wants to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend, as well as a fantastic summer!


Happy Driving!

Jim & Leo


The Most Expensive Truck Routes in America

Recently a number of truckers have been apprehended for toll violations amounting to thousands of dollars in unpaid tolls. Though this seems unbelievable to the average car driver, truckers are very aware of how expensive tolls are and how quickly toll costs for trucks exceed a thousand dollars, even in a single round trip journey. Using our new Toll Calculator for Trucks desktop application we identified the three most expensive toll routes in America. Below are the results assuming a 5-axle truck at 80,000 lbs weight and a minimum trip distance of 200 miles each way.

#1 Baltimore to NYC

Mile-for-mile, this is the most expensive trip you can make as a trucker, as you end up spending over $1 in tolls for every mile of your trip.  The total toll cost for this 210-mile trip is $248.60, equating to $1.18 per mile. Even with a transponder you'll still end up paying more than one dollar per mile, but at least you'll save yourself over $36 in tolls, not to mention the time waiting in cash toll lanes.


There is an alternate route that is only $203 ($161 transponder rate) and it only adds another 9 minutes to the trip. You can check out the route using our new truck toll calculator

#2 Chicago to NYC

The second most expensive route you can take as a trucker is Chicago to New York City. Along this 826 mile route you can expect to pay a whopping $439.75 in tolls, so if you don't have a transponder you'd better bring a bid wad of cash! This route will cost truckers $0.53 per mile as it runs through the Chicago Skyway, the Illinois Tollway, the Indiana Toll Road, the Ohio and Pennsylvania Turnpikes and the Holland Tunnel (which alone costs $105).


The good news is that there are a couple of alternative routes that will save you a great deal of money, including one that will also save you a half-hour of driving time. Check out this route using our new desktop toll calculator for trucks.

#3 Chicago to Atlantic City

The third most expensive truck route in the US is Chicago to Atlantic City, NJ, a distance of 821 miles at a total cost of $401.85 in tolls which equates to $0.49 per mile, leaving you little cash for gambling in the Atlantic City casinos.  


However there's an alternative route that will save you $177 in tolls and only add 16 minutes of driving time to your trip. Check it out here on our new truck toll calculator.


5 Tips For Deductible Car Expenses 

It's that time of year again, time to begin pulling together all the receipts from 2015 and combine them with the myriad tax forms that no doubt began arriving in your mailbox a few weeks ago.


In filling out tax returns one of the areas that many people have questions about is their car, and which expenses related to owning and operating it are deductible.  This is especially true now that so many people supplement their incomes by driving for ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  


Because so many people rely on our toll calculator to quickly calculate toll expenses for car trips they took in 2015 we wanted to help people better understand these deductions.


So what are the deductible car expenses you can submit on your 2015 return? Below are the guidelines provided by the IRS:

  • Deductible Expenses: According to the Internal Revenue service deductible car expenses include any related to the operating and maintaining of your car when traveling away from home on business.  You can deduct actual expenses or the standard mileage rate, as well as business-related tolls and parking.  If you rent a car while away from home on business, you can deduct only the business-use portion of the expense.
  • Standard Mileage Rate: You may can use the standard mileage rate of 57.5 cents to figure the deductible costs for operating your car in 2015, however if you do use it you cannot deduct your actual expenses such as depreciation, lease payments, maintenance and repairs, gasoline, oil, insurance and vehicle registration fees- but you CAN still deduct tolls (see below).
  • Loan Interest: If you are an employee you cannot deduct interest paid on a car loan, however if you are self-employed you can deduct the proportion of interest paid on a car loan that represents your business use of the car.
  • Parking Fees and Tolls: In addition to using the standard mileage rate, you can deduct any business-related parking fees and tolls
  • Employee Provided Vehicles: If you use a vehicle provided by your employee for business purposes, you can deduct your actual unreimbursed car expenses.  You cannot use the standard mileage rate.

You can find the full details regarding the IRS guidelines for deductible car expenses here, but you should always seek out a tax expert or CPA (certified public accountant) with any questions you have regarding any deductible expenses.


Heading to NYC for the Holidays? Expect to Pay More in Tolls.

Every year millions of travelers head to the Big Apple during the holiday season for holiday shopping, to see a few shows and stroll down the avenues viewing window decorations on their way to view the famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.  But those travelers who drive into New York from New Jersey will end paying a little extra this year as the tolls on all the NJ/NY bridge and tunnel crossings will increase by $1 on Dec. 6 to $15 for passenger vehicle paying cash.  The discounted E-ZPass rate will also increase by $0.75 during peak hours to $12.50.  

The increase is part of a multi-year increase that began back in 2011 and which ends this year. 

You can learn more about the increases here, including the new rates for trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles, or you can just download the Tollsmart app for Android or iPhone and we'll have you covered.  Tollsmart will automatically calculate the cost of tolls across any routes in the US and Canada, and we update our toll prices in real time so you can be sure you're seeing the most current prices before heading off on a holiday road trip.

Wherever you're heading this holiday season the team at Tollsmart wishes everyone a joyous and happy holiday!

Happy Driving!

Jim & Leo


Introducing Tollsmart for Truckers

Tollsmart Announces that Trucks are Supported in Newest Version of the Tollsmart Toll Calculator App for iPhone, Android and Desktop.


To coincide with the 2015 American Trucking Associations conference, Tollsmart, LLC is excited to announce that the latest version of the Tollsmart Toll Calculator app now supports all vehicle sizes, including trucks up to 9 axles. This has been the most requested feature from users of the app since launching the Tollsmart app in April.  This new version, which covers all tunnels, bridges and road tolls in the US and Canada, is NOW AVAILABLE for download in iTunes and Google Play and on the web as well.

Dear Tollsmart Customer Support, I am a truck driver and your app does not calculate tolls for 18-wheelers. If it did it would be perfect.

This past summer the Tollsmart app was one of the most popular navigation apps in the Apple's App Store and Google Play as for the first time ever travelers could view the full cost of tolls along routes and find alternate routes to save money.  Now the team at Tollsmart is delighted to extend this capability to a whole new audience who make their living on the road and who have been eagerly awaiting a version of Tollsmart that calculates tolls for commercial vehicles, including larger vehicles like tractor trailers. 

Dear Tollsmart Customer Support, do you have one of these apps for 5-axle trucks? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

This new version also highlights a major platform enhancement we've made to Tollsmart that enables users to add and store multiple vehicles into the app, so a trucker will be able to store both an 18-wheeler as well as cars they drive for personal use in the same app, and easily toggle between them.  And it's not just trucks that are supported, this new version of Tollsmart supports all types of vehicles from buses and RVs to limos and motorcycles.  

Dear Tollsmart Customer Support, please add semi truck as an option for toll configuration as lots of truckers would buy this app. 

The default setting for the Tollsmart app remains 2-axle non-commercial passenger vehicles, so to add other vehicle sizes simply tap on the Options menu at the bottom of the main screen and select 'Set Vehicle'.  The new service is priced at a low introductory monthly subscription rate of $2.99 after a free trial period. Once acceptance of the trial period is confirmed, you'll be able to enter and save your vehicle information for multiple vehicles.  

Please note that the Tollsmart app does not provide truck-specific routing, so it is up to the user to select which routes are appropriate for the size of vehicle they are driving and cargo.  

Dear Tollsmart Customer Support, I am a truck driver. This app would be great with a selection for the number of axles.

We're thrilled to deliver something so many people have asked for and are eager to hear what you think so please let us know by sending feedback through the Tollsmart app or leaving us feedback on our website here.

Happy Driving!

Jim & Leo@Tollsmart