Tollsmart adds Mexico Tolls

Tollsmart has always been an innovator, beginning with the launch of the first toll calculator to work across all tolling facilities in the US and Canada in April 2015. We soon followed by adding support for commercial vehicles and trucks, an innovative toll tracking service and then support for dynamically-priced Express Lanes.


We're now excited to add another first to the list, full support of all toll facilities in Mexico! This means you can plan a trip from Quebec City in Canada all the way down to Acapulco, Mexico and see the toll cost for the entire trip. This is an important addition as tolls are prevalent in Mexico and the costs can be quite high, often higher than in the US and Canada which means our alternative routes feature can help save a bundle of pesos. That's right, pricing is displayed in Mexican pesos, but don't be too alarmed at seeing prices in the thousands as the current rate of exchange a Mexican peso equates to about a nickel in US currency ($1 MX = $.053 US).


Similar to the other geographies we cover, support is provided for all vehicle sizes including commercial trucks and there is a map view as well as a list view option that provides a detailed breakdown of all the tolls you'll encounter on your trip, and these can easily be emailed as a CSV file for reporting or expense purposes.


This new update also informs travelers of the method of payment accepted at each tolling facility using colored pins to quickly identify facilities that only accept cash (red pins), and includes discounts for electronic payments for using transponder accounts unique to Mexican toll facilities.  These transponder options have now been added to the Tollsmart menu allowing users to select their transponder account to determine which toll facilities accept them.