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Free Truck Tolls Calculator

The Tollsmart Toll Calculator now supports all vehicle sizes up to 9-axle trucks, including semis, buses, recreational vehicles (RVs), limousines and other commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles pulling trailers across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads in the US, Canada and Mexico.  Click here to access the desktop version of Tollsmart for trucks and other commercial vehicles . Go here to download the iPhone and Android versions of Tollsmart which also support trucks.


Want to learn more about how truckers are charged for tolls? Check out our Truckers Toll Survival Guide and get smart about truck tolls!


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR TRUCKERS: Please be sure to enter all vehicle specifications in the Tollsmart app in order to get accurate toll calculations.  This includes weight as a number of toll facilities including the Pennsylvania Turnpike factor in vehicle weight as part of the toll fee.  Also please note that the Tollsmart app does not provide truck-legal routing.