About Tollsmart

Tollsmart's mission is to provide the most comprehensive and accurate toll information and related services to consumers, enterprises and third party applications across the globe.  Launched first as an iPhone application in 2015, Tollsmart was the first consumer application to calculate toll costs across any routes in the US and the Tollsmart API services support many commercial applications.


Toll Content: Tollsmart's content covers all toll facilities in over 20 countries including the following data:

  • All toll roads, both private and public and ticketed and non-ticketed
  • All toll tunnels and bridges including border crossings into Mexico
  • All Express Lanes (also known as Managed or HOT Lanes).
  • Prices for all vehicle sizes from motorcycles up to 9-axle trucks
  • All transponder discount programs (i.e, E-ZPass, SunPass, TxTag, etc.)
  • Method of payment and transponder accepted at each toll facility
  • Locations of all toll facilities, including overhead gantries for cashless tolling

Tollsmart Products & Services: Tollsmart provides the following applications and services:

  • Tollsmart Toll Calculator is a map-driven application for iOS, Android and web that provides drivers with full visibility into tolls along a route, including their costs, location and methods of payment and transponders accepted.  It also provides alternate routes enabling drivers to quickly view the tradeoffs between time, distance and cost.
  • Tollsmart Toll Tracker™ is an innovative smartphone service that tracks toll expenses in real time as you drive through them, providing a detailed list of tolls and their costs at the end of a trip for easy expense reporting. Toll Tracker™ is available for iOS as part of the Tollsmart Toll Calculator app and available via the Tollsmart API services.
  • Web Service APIs: Add our rich toll content and services to your own application via the RESTful Tollsmart API Services
  • Tollsmart Datasets: Interested in licensing the Tollsmart toll location and toll price datasets? Drop us a line at Feedback@Tollsmart.com and we'll be in touch.

About the Founders

Tollsmart was founded by two people who couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to obtain toll cost information for upcoming road trips.  Leonid (Leo) Iogansen, who developed the original Tolls Calculator USA & Canada iPhone app in 2014, came up with the idea after running out of cash on a toll-laden trip from Baltimore to New Jersey and ended up getting a ticket.  It left him thinking there must be a better way to prepare travelers for tolls in advance of a trip.


Jim Kovarik, an entrepreneur and former AOL executive, had already developed an industry-leading fuel cost calculator website and had been looking for a toll calculator to complement it given that 50,000 people were visiting the site each month in search of toll cost information, a number that was doubling every year.  Jim and Leo decided to combine efforts and in April 2015 cofounded Tollsmart, a Virginia-based LLC with a mission to provide full transparency around tolls so people and enterprises can make smarter, more economically-sound driving decisions.

Leonid Iogansen, CTO & Cofounder

Leonid (Leo) is a composer, a violinist and a painter who has traveled across continents to share his art. Like many talented musicians, Leo has a natural aptitude for software development, and his creativity inspired the development of several innovative iPhone apps.  Leo is also fluent in multiple languages, including English, Russian, French and Chinese (Mandarin) which has come in handy as we've expanded Tollsmart to markets outside of North America.  Leo has a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Iowa.  

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Jim Kovarik, CEO & Cofounder       

Jim has been designing innovative travel applications for over a decade for some of the world's largest online companies.  A former General Manager of AOL Travel, Jim left AOL in 2008 to form C2G (Cost2Go), a company focused on adding Cost as a third dimension to mapping applications alongside Time and Distance.   C2G developed an industry-leading fuel cost calculator website that was used by over 1 million travelers each year to plan car trips.

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Advisory Board

  Jeff Wolff

Jeff is an entrepreneur and an expert in systems engineering, system modeling and simulation, and systems integration in the tolling, ITS and defense industries. Most recently Jeff helped established a North American subsidiary for an Austrian-based multinational company active in intelligent road telematic solutions, where he led the overall system design for the company's first tolling and ITS projects in North America, which combined led to $120 million in revenue.  The previous ten years Jeff spent in the defense industry at some of the largest defense contractors working on supercomputers developing simulations for operational analysis models for weapons systems and network simulations.

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DoxieSoft, API Development       

Tollsmart tapped the resources of DoxieSoft, a software architecture consulting firm, to build the backend web services APIs to convert the original toll calculator application that ran entirely on the client side iOS device (iPhone/iPad) to a server side web service that is far more scaleable, malleable and distributable across infinite devices and platforms (even watches). DoxieSoft is headed by Patrick O'Leary, a cofounder of C2G, and Scooter, his tuxedo-wearing Dachshund.