Tollsmart iPhone App

Tollsmart Toll Calculator for iPhone

Tollsmart Toll Calculator for iPhone was the groundbreaking app launched in April 2015 that was the first app to calculate toll costs across any routes in the US, and remains the most accurate, comprehensive and robust tolling app in the App Store.  Free for download and packed with innovative and powerful features like Toll Tracker™ and complete Express Lanes coverage, Tollsmart for iPhone has everything you need in a North America tolling app. See details of all key features below:

Tollsmart covers all of North America

Coverage: NA and Europe

Tollsmart covers all toll roads, tunnels and bridges in the US, Canada and Mexico and ten countries in Western Europe. It also includes vignettes, which are time-based road taxes required for driving on motorways in many European countries.

All Vehicle Sizes

Tollsmart calculates toll costs for all vehicle types and sizes, including RVs, motorcycles, buses, trucks and tolls for cars towing trailers.  For trucks and larger vehicles Tollsmart collects all necessary vehicle specifications to accurately calculate toll costs. 

Tollsmart covers all transponders

Toll Tags and Transponders

Tollsmart covers all toll tags and transponders including E-ZPass, SunPass, TxTag and FasTrak, and applies the appropriate discounts and indicates where your transponder is (and isn't) accepted to help you avoid toll violations on your trip.

Saves You Money

Tollsmart helps you save money by finding cheaper routes with fewer tolls, and the Toll Saver feature notifies you when a cheaper route has been found and how much money you'll save by driving some extra miles.

Store Multiple Vehicles

Tollsmart lets you store multiple vehicles so you can quickly calculate tolls for vehicles with different configurations, such as a fleet of trucks.

Track Tolls While You Drive

Tollsmart's innovative Toll Tracker™ service uses your iPhone's GPS to track tolls as you drive through them so you have a detailed report you can export or store in iCloud for expense reports or tax purposes.

Tollsmart covers all Express Lanes

Displays Express Lanes

Tollsmart covers all Express Lane systems and notifies you when they are along your route by displaying double red lines.  It also informs you if you are permitted to use them based on your transponder settings.

Tollsmart has predictive pricing

Uses Predictive Pricing

Tollsmart has predictive pricing so it anticipates the travel time to get to a toll facility and applies the appropriate price for tolls that are based on the time of day or day of the week. It also allows you to enter a future date and time if you are not leaving immediately.

Tollsmart provides robust toll information

Detailed Toll Information

Tollsmart provides a wealth of detailed information on every toll facility you'll encounter along your route, including the price of the toll, the transponders that are accepted and any related discounts, as well as a link out to the website of the tolling agency or toll authority website responsible for operating the toll facility.