Toll API Services

Relied upon by rideshare, limo and delivery apps as well as government agencies and freight companies. Try it for FREE! The web service APIs that power the Tollsmart Toll Calculator and Toll Tracker™ apps now also power third party applications across a broad spectrum of verticals, including rideshare and limo services, shipping and freight transportation and government. The services accept JSON post requests to return toll information based on an origin and destination pair or an array of tracked locations along a route, such as those transmitted from a smartphone or other GPS enabled device.


Below are examples of the parameters the Tollsmart Toll API Service accepts to accurately calculate toll costs across any route in North America, Western Europe and Australia:

  • Vehicle type, including axle-count, weight and height for large commercial trucks up to 9-axles in size
  • Transponder(s) in use, to apply appropriate discounts if available
  • Departure time, which is used to estimate when the vehicle will pass through toll facilities that utilize time-of-day, day-of-week or seasonal pricing
  • Location coordinates, speed and time stamps to accurately calculate tolls after a trip has been taken (trip reconstruction)


Additional parameters are available and included in the full API documentation which is available when you register for an account. Registration is FREE and provides one month of trial access to the Tollsmart Toll API services at no charge for up to 10,000 API calls. You can begin testing immediately by registering today on the Tollsmart Developer Console.