Ever Wish Google Maps, WAZE or MapQuest Displayed Tolls?

Now you can easily and quickly calculate tolls costs for any route in the US & Canada through the Tollsmart app for iPhone & Android as well as on our newly launched website version of the Tollsmart Toll Calculator.


Tollsmart is the only app that calculates tolls costs across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads in the the US & Canada and supports all vehicles from motorcycles to passenger cars and RVs to trucks and semis up to 9-axles. It also factors in transponder discounts from over 50 tolling agencies including E-ZPass, I-PASS, SunPass, TxTag and FasTrak! 


Download Tollsmart for iPhone & iPad or Android today and start making smarter driving decisions!

Tollsmart Selected As One of Top Mid-Atlantic Startups

Earlier this spring the team at Tollsmart was delighted to be invited to present at a TechBUZZ event in Washington DC alongside other exciting and fast growing startups in the mid-Atlantic region. The event, which was put on and run flawlessly by MAVA (Mid-Atlantic Venture Association), began with a demo area where attendees got to interact first hand with the startup members and try out their products, followed by visionary keynote speaker Alec Ross.


After that came two rounds of startup presentations delivered at a blistering pace, with each presenter given four minutes to present up to ten slides.  We used the opportunity to educate the investor community on our product, the size of the market and our traction, including announcing our new partnership with Bestpass


We had a great time and thank Kimberly, Julie and the whole TechBUZZ crew who helped make it a first-class event, and strongly recommend it to other startups seeking to raise capital or simply get their name out in the mid-Atlantic region.


(In photo on left Tollsmart Cofounder and CTO Leo Iogansen speaks with a TechBUZZ attendee while company advisor Jeff Wolff looks on)


Bestpass Partners with Tollsmart to Provide Truckers with Industry-Leading Toll Calculator

March 30, 2017

Today we're excited to announce that Tollsmart has partnered with Bestpass, Inc. to provide access to our industry-leading web toll calculator to over a quarter of a million truckers.


(View the Bestpass press release)


The Tollsmart Toll Calculator calculates toll costs across any routes in the US and Canada and works just like Google Maps, providing up to two alternate routes to make it easy to quickly find the optimal route.  The service also displays detailed toll information, including the transponders and methods of payment accepted at each tolling facility along the route.  



Soon after we launched the initial version of our toll calculator for passenger vehicles the trucking community began clamoring for a version that supports tractor trailers and other large trucks, and so in the fall of 2015 we released a version that supports commercial vehicles up to 9-axles in size. The response has been overwhelming as thousands of truckers embraced the simplicity and ease-of-use of the interface and accuracy of the toll calculations.


Along the way we met with many companies that provide related services to the trucking, fleet management and transportation industries, including Bestpass, a fast-growing company with nearly 4,000 customers representing over 250,000 truckers. Headquartered in Albany, NY, Bestpass was founded by the Trucking Association of New York and provides nationwide streamlined toll management services, including consolidated billing, volume discounts and violations processing.  Bestpass will be providing customers with access to our toll calculator within their customer web portal located at my.bestpass.com.


As part of the relationship we've also integrated Bestpass volume discounts into the web version of our toll calculator for trucks so that drivers, owner-operators and carriers can quickly see how much money they can save using the Bestpass services (see below).

We're thrilled to be working with another innovative and fast-growing company that shares a common mission around helping commercial fleets and drivers make smarter transportation decisions, and look forward to working with Bestpass to explore new ways of bringing value to this audience.


Happy Driving!

Jim & Leo@Tollsmart


Midwesterners Heading to Florida This Winter Will Find New Tolls Along Their Route

Cashless Tolling Begins Dec. 30th on Ohio River Bridge Crossing near Louisville, KY

This is a 'heads up' for Chicagoans and other Midwesterners planning road trips to Florida this winter to be prepared to encounter new tolls when crossing the Ohio River bridges near Louisville, KY. Beginning on Dec. 30, 2016 new cashless tolling goes into effect on three bridges connecting Indiana and Kentucky, including two which channel I-65 traffic between Chicago and Florida; the Kennedy Memorial Bridge (southbound) and the new Abraham Lincoln Bridge for (northbound).


Toll Rates: For those traveling with an E-ZPass, I-Pass or a new RiverLink transponder, the fee is $2 each way for 2-axle passenger vehicles and motorcycles. Paying in cash is not an option as there are no physical toll booths, so those without a transponder will be charged $4 each way and receive a bill in the mail based on the address associated with the vehicle's license plate (overhead cameras will capture the license plate number).  


The fee schedule for additional vehicle sizes, including cars pulling trailers, can be found in the graphic on the right. Additional information can be found on the new RiverLink website at www.riverlink.com.

How Cashless Tolling Works

Cashless tolling, also known as All Electronic Tolling or AET, is rapidly spreading across the US as a means of improving traffic flows and safety, as it does not require travelers to slow down or squeeze into narrow toll booth lanes which can results in accidents, even fatalities. As a result a number of new cashless tolling systems have been introduced in the past year, including the conversions of the Tappan Zee Bridge in upstate NY this past spring and the entire Massachusetts Turnpike in October, and recently the state of New York indicated its intention to convert all of the state's tolling facilities to AET beginning in January with the conversion of two East River tunnels (the Hugh Carey and the Queens Midtown tunnels). 


The downside of AET is that it requires infrequent travelers to either get a transponder or pay the additional fees associated with the bill-by-mail service, although some systems provide a hybrid solution where you can register your vehicle in advance and drive through the toll facility without a transponder and pay less than the bill-by-mail rate. The video below provided by RiverLink explains how cashless tolling works for the three new Ohio River bridges, which includes all three payment options.

Tollsmart Adds Multiple Stop Routing, Print features to Web apps

The team at Tollsmart is excited to announce some new enhancements to the web version of the Tollsmart Toll Caclulator apps for both cars and commercial vehicles like 5-axle trucks. The newest version of these apps now support the ability to enter multiple stops along a route and to print a detailed list of the tolls encountered.  These have been the most requested features from users since we launched these desktop versions of Tollsmart so we're excited to introduce them. Find more details below, and stay tuned for news on some more exciting enhancements we'll be launching in the coming months.

Multiple Stops

You can now enter up to 5 stops and Tollsmart will plot the route using each of the waypoints as a stop.

2 Viewing Options

You can view the toll costs along the entire route or each leg of the route, which helps break down toll costs for different customers.

Print Details

The new version also supports the ability to print the detailed list of tolls, broken down be each leg of the trip.

Full US Coverage of Express Lanes Now Available on Tollsmart!

Real Time Pricing Feeds for Seattle's I-405 Express Lanes

A few short months ago we announced that we added support for four Express Lanes in the Tollsmart apps (two in the DC area and two in Seattle) with the goal of rolling out all HOT/Express Lanes in the US. Today we're thrilled to announce we've achieved that goal and that Tollsmart now supports every Express Lane in the US. This means that Tollsmart will alert you to any Express Lanes along your route so you know you'll have an option for avoiding traffic when traveling through metro areas. No other mapping service provides this type of visibility into tolling information. Tollsmart is maps like you've never seen before.


Real Time Pricing for Seattle's I-405 Express Toll Lanes

Equally exciting is that Tollsmart now displays real-time toll rates for the 405 Express Toll Lanes that bypass Seattle from Belleview to Lynnwood, WA. This means that commuters can view the current prices for taking these lanes before hopping in their cars to head to work,  thereby making more informed decisions. The pricing feeds are made available by WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) the agency that operates these lanes, and they provided the following comments on why they're making this information publicly available: 


We know how important real-time information is to people and want to help drivers make informed choices about their route options.  That's why we decided to make I405 express toll lane rates publicly available as a live, open-source data stream. We're happy to see apps using this data and hope that it will give drivers a more predictable trip so that they can take more control over their commute.


We applaud WSDOT's transparency and efforts to educate drivers on how tolling on these new lanes work and encourage other state agencies to take similar steps to make this information broadly available to the traveling public.

To activate the Express Lanes in Tollsmart go the Options menu and tap on the HOT/Express Lanes button. That will display a screen where you can switch on the feature by sliding the button to 'on' (it will turn green). You'll also be prompted to provide the number of occupants, which will determine if you've met the carpool requirements. The app will remember the settings, which you can go back to change at any time.


Now when a route is entered where Express Lanes are an option Tollsmart will display double red lines along that section of the route, or grey lines where they exist but may not be available based on your selected vehicle type, transponder or at the predicted time of crossing. Tapping on the lanes displays additional information such as pricing, transponder information and, when available, a link to the official site of the toll authority that operates the lanes.


Pricing for the +20 Express Lanes now in Tollsmart vary from congestion-based prices to those that change based on time of day. For the latter we include the actual prices based on when you are expected to cross the lanes, and for those based on real-time traffic patterns (with the exception of the 405 lanes) we provide a range of minimum or maximum prices based on distance travelled while we work to get more real time prices added.



Important to note is that Tollsmart does NOT include the prices for Express Lanes in the toll calculation for a route. Also, note that some lanes require a special 'Flex' transponder for those travelers that meet the minimum vehicle occupancy requirements to ride on them for free. 


To learn more about Express Lanes on Tollsmart visit the new Express Lanes section of our site, or contact us as we'd love to hear from you!


Happy Driving

Jim & Leo