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NEW! Tollsmart Adds 4 Countries in Europe

Now you can easily and quickly calculate toll costs for any route across North America and four countries in Europe through the Tollsmart Toll Calculator apps for iPhone & Android and desktop.


Tollsmart was the first app to calculate the cost of tolls across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads in the the US, Canada & Mexico and now covers France, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well.


Commercial customers rely on the Tollsmart Developers APIs and Data Licensing services to estimate and recoup toll expenses and make smarter routing decisions.  

Tollsmart Adds European Tolls

Tollsmart coverage now includes coverage of all toll roads, tunnels and bridges in France, Italy and Spain.
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Tollsmart and Bestpass Expand Relationship

Tollsmart is excited to announce an expanded relationship with Bestpass that now provides truckers and fleet management companies with a FREE year of access to the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator - a $120 value! Thousands of shippers who visit the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator website each month to estimate toll costs for freight shipments will now have the option to sign up for a free annual subscription sponsored by Bestpass, Inc.,  the industry-leader in toll management services in North America.


Tollsmart initially partnered with Bestpass in 2017 to build a private label version of its truck toll calculator application for Bestpass customers.  This new relationship expands on that by offering free annual subscriptions to all shipping and fleet management companies, sponsored by Bestpass.

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Tollsmart Invited to Participate in NYC Congestion Pricing RFI

The team at Tollsmart was honored recently by being invited to participate in a process to review innovative technologies for the upcoming congestion pricing program in New York City.  Congestion pricing is a way of charging tolls for vehicles that enter certain parts of a metropolitan area and is slated to be implemented in Manhattan's central business district beginning in December of 2020.  Tolls will be charged for vehicles that drive south of 60th Street, with certain exceptions such as the FDR Drive and West Side Highway.


Although similar congestion-based tolls have been implemented in several cities across the globe, this is a seminal event in the US tolling industry as New York will be the first city in North America to utilize this complex type of tolling, and many other cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC are watching closely and may soon follow NYC's lead.  

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Tollsmart Adds Truck Routing

The team at Tollsmart is excited to announce that truck-specific routing is now available as an option on the Tollsmart mobile apps and through the Tollsmart API services.  Truck routing takes into consideration the dimensions of the vehicle to limit routing options to those roads where the vehicle is legally permitted to operate, or where other obstacles such as low bridge clearances may apply.  



To enable truck routing in the Tollsmart mobile apps you first need to be a subscriber to the truck version of the service and have your vehicle stored in the app. Then go into the Options menu and select Routing Provider and choose the Super-fast routing option (truck routing is now the default routing service under this option). Below are screenshots which illustrate these steps.


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Dynamic Prices for I-66 & I-64 Express Lanes Added to Tollsmart

The team at Tollsmart is excited to announce that current prices for the I-66 and I-64 Express Lanes in Virginia have been added to the Tollsmart apps.  Although these lanes have been in the Tollsmart apps since they opened last year, they displayed only the minimum and maximum prices.  Now  that VDOT has made current pricing feeds available to developers we've integrated them into the Tollsmart apps so you can quickly see the current cost to take the Express Lanes.


For drivers unfamiliar with Express Lanes, these are lanes previously reserved for HOV traffic that can now be used by solo drivers for a fee, which can change as often as every 5 minutes based on traffic (also referred to as Dynamic pricing). There are now over 30 of these systems (which are also referred to as HOT Lanes or Managed Lanes) across the US with many more planned, and all are included in the Tollsmart platform (click here to learn more about Express Lanes on Tollsmart). 

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