Free Toll Calculators

Web Toll Calculator for Cars

The Web toll calculator for cars works just like Google Maps but displays toll costs for any routes across North America. That's because it's built on the Google Maps service and is super fast and easy to use.  Just enter the starting and ending locations and it will display up to 3 routes, showing the time, distance and toll costs for each route so you can quickly determine your optimum route. 

Toll Calculator for iPhone and Android

The Tollsmart Toll Calculator apps for iPhone and Android were the first toll calculator apps ever launched in the app stores and to this day remain the most comprehensive and accurate toll calculators with the most robust features. Even better, they are free to download and utilize the unique capabilities of smartphones to introduce ground breaking features like Toll Tracker™ which uses your phone's GPS to track tolls as you drive through them (iPhone only, in-app purchase required).

Tollsmart Toll Calculator for iPhone
Tollsmart Toll Calculator for Android
Tollsmart Toll Calculator for iPhone