Free Google Maps Toll Calculator

Calculates toll costs for any routes in North America

Google Toll Calculator

Google toll calculator

Before heading out on a roadtrip use this Google Maps Toll Calculator to find out in advance how much tolls will cost you and learn if there are alternate routes that can save you money.  Built on the same Google Maps platform that hundreds of millions of drivers rely on, it works just like Google Maps but displays the cost of tolls and additional detailed toll information so you can make fully informed and smarter driving decisions.  

Features Include

Alternate Routes

Quickly view alternate routes that can save you money!  Tap on the prices to view the alternate routes on the map and compare the distance and driving time to make smarter routing decisions.

Toll Transponders

See which transponders or toll tags are accepted at each toll facility along your route and avoid toll violations or expensive toll-by-mail rates. Also displayed are the discount rates for all transponders including E-ZPass, SunPass, TxTag and FastTrak.

Cashless Tolls

We'll alert you to where you will encounter cashless tolls on your trip so you won't be surprised when you arrive back home to find a bill in the mail from a tolling authority.