BESTPASS Sponsors Free Truck Toll Calculator

Tollsmart is excited to announce that Bestpass has renewed a sponsorship that provides truckers and fleet management companies with a FREE year of access to the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator - a $120 value! Thousands of shippers who visit the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator website each month to estimate toll costs for freight shipments will now have the option to sign up for a free annual subscription sponsored by Bestpass, Inc.,  the industry-leader in toll management services in North America.

The Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator calculates toll costs across all routes in North America for vehicles up to 9-axles in size, including tractor trailers. The easy user interface utilizes Google Map's autocomplete service to make it super easy to locate millions of addresses and avoid misspellings, while also providing up to 3 route options for each query. Truckers also have the ability to add multiple waypoints for multi-leg shipments. To learn more about the features available visit the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator features page.

Tollsmart Providing Toll Price Data to Google Maps

GREAT FALLS, Va.June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Tollsmart, LLC, a leading provider of detailed toll information on over ten thousand tolling locations across several continents, today announced that it is providing its toll price data to Google Maps for drivers in the US.


With this information, people using Google Maps will be able to view the cost of tolls in advance of a trip, and be able to make smarter driving decisions that factor in time, distance AND costs. 

"We launched Tollsmart in 2015 with the mission to help make the world smarter about tolls, and this represents a huge milestone toward that goal. With over 1 billion users across the globe, Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps on the planet so we're excited to deliver valuable toll prices information to Google Maps customers, especially as more tolling facilities convert to cashless tolling which can be confusing to drivers," stated Tollsmart's CEO and Cofounder Jim Kovarik.

Commenting on the announcement, Tollsmart's CTO and Cofounder Dr. Leonid (Leo) Iogansen said "Tolling systems are often local and can be quite complex and so accurately estimating toll prices across entire continents is a significant challenge which requires a great deal of technology and innovation."


Read the full press release here.

Tollsmart Expands Coverage Across Northern Europe

Just in time for spring, the team at Tollsmart is excited to announce that we've further expanded our coverage of European toll facilities across all of Northern Europe with the addition of eight new countries including Norway, Sweden and the UK.  This release for the first time includes tolls for congestion zones, which are fees charged for entering city centers in London, Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as fees for ferry crossings.

Urban Congestion Tolls

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Tollsmart Expands European Coverage

Six new countries extend contiguous coverage from Lisbon to Leipzig

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Tollsmart Adds European Tolls

Tollsmart coverage now includes coverage of all toll roads, tunnels and bridges in France, Italy and Spain.

Tollsmart Expands Coverage to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal

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Tollsmart and Bestpass Expand Relationship

Tollsmart is excited to announce an expanded relationship with Bestpass that now provides truckers and fleet management companies with a FREE year of access to the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator - a $120 value! Thousands of shippers who visit the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator website each month to estimate toll costs for freight shipments will now have the option to sign up for a free annual subscription sponsored by Bestpass, Inc.,  the industry-leader in toll management services in North America.


Tollsmart initially partnered with Bestpass in 2017 to build a private label version of its truck toll calculator application for Bestpass customers.  This new relationship expands on that by offering free annual subscriptions to all shipping and fleet management companies, sponsored by Bestpass.

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Tollsmart Invited to Participate in NYC Congestion Pricing RFI

The team at Tollsmart was honored recently by being invited to participate in a process to review innovative technologies for the upcoming congestion pricing program in New York City.  Congestion pricing is a way of charging tolls for vehicles that enter certain parts of a metropolitan area and is slated to be implemented in Manhattan's central business district beginning in December of 2020.  Tolls will be charged for vehicles that drive south of 60th Street, with certain exceptions such as the FDR Drive and West Side Highway.


Although similar congestion-based tolls have been implemented in several cities across the globe, this is a seminal event in the US tolling industry as New York will be the first city in North America to utilize this complex type of tolling, and many other cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC are watching closely and may soon follow NYC's lead.  

Given the short window of time for rolling out this new method of tolling and the space limitations of NYC streets, the agency responsible for implementing the program (the MTA) has begun exploring new technology that can be applied quickly without requiring the installation of a great deal of physical infrastructure.  As part of this evaluation they have invited a handful of innovative technology firms in the tolling industry - including Tollsmart - to create proof-of-concepts and prototypes and submit them to the MTA for evaluation via a process known as an RFI (Request for Information).


We wasted no time as our talented technology team got to work and quickly created a prototype built on our innovative Toll Tracker™ technology which utilizes GPS signals to track when users pass through tolls and applies the appropriate fees.  The use of GPS as a tolling technology is getting increased attention given that over 80% of adults in the US now carry GPS-enabled smartphones and a growing percentage of new automobiles have GPS installed as part of their embedded navigation systems. In fact in a recent article the co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar Robin Chase argues that GPS is the 'technology that could transform congestion pricing'.


Whether GPS is embraced by the MTA as part of the platform for NYC congestion pricing is yet to be determined, however the possibilities are exciting and we're excited to be among the companies the MTA has reached out to in their evaluation. Meanwhile if you are in the New York City area or will be traveling there you can test out the prototype we built for the MTA as we've made it publicly available in our free Toll Tracker™ app for iOS in the App Store.  Simply download the app and drive south of 60th Street in Manhattan and it should indicate when you have  entered into the (proposed) congestion zone, and if you give it a try let us know what you think by dropping us a line at 



Happy Driving!

Tollsmart Adds Truck Routing

The team at Tollsmart is excited to announce that truck-specific routing is now available as an option on the Tollsmart mobile apps and through the Tollsmart API services.  Truck routing takes into consideration the dimensions of the vehicle to limit routing options to those roads where the vehicle is legally permitted to operate, or where other obstacles such as low bridge clearances may apply.  



To enable truck routing in the Tollsmart mobile apps you first need to be a subscriber to the truck version of the service and have your vehicle stored in the app. Then go into the Options menu and select Routing Provider and choose the Super-fast routing option (truck routing is now the default routing service under this option). Below are screenshots which illustrate these steps.


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Dynamic Prices for I-66 & I-64 Express Lanes Added to Tollsmart

The team at Tollsmart is excited to announce that current prices for the I-66 and I-64 Express Lanes in Virginia have been added to the Tollsmart apps.  Although these lanes have been in the Tollsmart apps since they opened last year, they displayed only the minimum and maximum prices.  Now  that VDOT has made current pricing feeds available to developers we've integrated them into the Tollsmart apps so you can quickly see the current cost to take the Express Lanes.


For drivers unfamiliar with Express Lanes, these are lanes previously reserved for HOV traffic that can now be used by solo drivers for a fee, which can change as often as every 5 minutes based on traffic (also referred to as Dynamic pricing). There are now over 30 of these systems (which are also referred to as HOT Lanes or Managed Lanes) across the US with many more planned, and all are included in the Tollsmart platform (click here to learn more about Express Lanes on Tollsmart). 

How to View Express Lanes in Tollsmart

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Tollsmart Launches New API Developer Console

On the cusp of Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest driving weekends of the year, the team at Tollsmart is delighted to launch a brand new self-service Developer Console for third party app developers to easily sign up for an account and access the Tollsmart API Services. 


We launched the Tollsmart API services over a year ago and have made numerous enhancements based on customer feedback, and are now excited to provide API customers with this enhanced service which includes many frequently requested features such as;

  • the ability to update my account and billing information
  • the ability to view my API usage reports in real time
  • the ability to change my billing tier 

You can learn more about the Tollsmart API Services here, and if you're a developer you can go directly to the Developer Console to register for a FREE trial account and begin testing the powerful Tollsmart API Services today!

Tollsmart adds Mexico Tolls

Tollsmart has always been an innovator, beginning with the launch of the first toll calculator to work across all tolling facilities in the US and Canada in April 2015. We soon followed by adding support for commercial vehicles and trucks, an innovative toll tracking service and then support for dynamically-priced Express Lanes.


We're now excited to add another first to the list, full support of all toll facilities in Mexico! This means you can plan a trip from Quebec City in Canada all the way down to Acapulco, Mexico and see the toll cost for the entire trip. This is an important addition as tolls are prevalent in Mexico and the costs can be quite high, often higher than in the US and Canada which means our alternative routes feature can help save a bundle of pesos. That's right, pricing is displayed in Mexican pesos, but don't be too alarmed at seeing prices in the thousands as the current rate of exchange a Mexican peso equates to about a nickel in US currency ($1 MX = $.053 US).


Similar to the other geographies we cover, support is provided for all vehicle sizes including commercial trucks and there is a map view as well as a list view option that provides a detailed breakdown of all the tolls you'll encounter on your trip, and these can easily be emailed as a CSV file for reporting or expense purposes.


This new update also informs travelers of the method of payment accepted at each tolling facility using colored pins to quickly identify facilities that only accept cash (red pins), and includes discounts for electronic payments for using transponder accounts unique to Mexican toll facilities.  These transponder options have now been added to the Tollsmart menu allowing users to select their transponder account to determine which toll facilities accept them.



Tollsmart Selected As One of Top Mid-Atlantic Startups

Earlier this spring the team at Tollsmart was delighted to be invited to present at a TechBUZZ event in Washington DC alongside other exciting and fast growing startups in the mid-Atlantic region. The event, which was put on and run flawlessly by MAVA (Mid-Atlantic Venture Association), began with a demo area where attendees got to interact first hand with the startup members and try out their products, followed by visionary keynote speaker Alec Ross.


After that came two rounds of startup presentations delivered at a blistering pace, with each presenter given four minutes to present up to ten slides.  We used the opportunity to educate the investor community on our product, the size of the market and our traction, including announcing our new partnership with Bestpass


We had a great time and thank Kimberly, Julie and the whole TechBUZZ crew who helped make it a first-class event, and strongly recommend it to other startups seeking to raise capital or simply get their name out in the mid-Atlantic region.


(In photo on left Tollsmart Cofounder and CTO Leo Iogansen speaks with a TechBUZZ attendee while company advisor Jeff Wolff looks on)


Bestpass Partners with Tollsmart to Provide Truckers with Industry-Leading Toll Calculator

March 30, 2017

Today we're excited to announce that Tollsmart has partnered with Bestpass, Inc. to provide access to our industry-leading web toll calculator to over a quarter of a million truckers.


(View the Bestpass press release)


The Tollsmart Toll Calculator calculates toll costs across any routes in the US and Canada and works just like Google Maps, providing up to two alternate routes to make it easy to quickly find the optimal route.  The service also displays detailed toll information, including the transponders and methods of payment accepted at each tolling facility along the route.  



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Midwesterners Heading to Florida This Winter Will Find New Tolls Along Their Route

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Tollsmart Adds Multiple Stop Routing, Print features to Web apps

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American Drivers Will Become Smarter This Summer

..and they won't even have to stay at a Holiday Inn Express.  That's because for the first time ever they'll have complete visibility into how much tolls will cost for any trips in the US and Canada through the new Tollsmart app for iPhone & Android.  


SIMPLIFIES TRAVEL PLANNING: The new Tollsmart app makes it super simple to budget for toll expenses on a road trip by calculating toll costs across all roads, bridges and tunnels in the US and Canada.  No more frustrating hours spent jumping between websites trying to figure out where you'll encounter tolls or which exits to enter or get off, this app does it all for you in seconds, and even factors in transponder discounts for all tolling groups including E-ZPass, SunPass and FasTrak.   


SAVES YOU MONEY: But that's not even the best part.  The Tollsmart app also has an innovative Toll Saver feature that notifies you when alternative routes have been found that can save you money.  That's right - the Tollsmart app not only calculates tolls for you but automatically notifies you when its found cheaper routes, and in toll-intensive parts of the US, such as the Northeast, Florida and the Chicago region, this can add up to substantial savings.


EDUCATES YOU:  Tollsmart works just like your favorite mapping service, but with the added benefit of Toll Vision so you can easily view all the tolls you'll encounter along your route, providing the details of each toll facility such as whether it will accept your transponder, if exact change is required, or if you'll encounter cashless video-tolling booths that will bill you via the mail (and notify you of any related service fees).


BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE:  Hey, we realize not everyone has an iPad or an iPhone, and we're working feverishly to create versions of Tollsmart for Android and other mobile platforms, but we're not going to leave anyone in the lurch. Our goal is to make EVERYONE a little toll smarter this summer, and so stay tuned for more exciting news on this front.  All we ask in return is that you help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family, and in return you'll enjoy some good Toll Karma knowing you helped all of your family and friends become tollsmart this summer!


Want to become Tollsmart? Download Tollsmart for iPhone/iPad or Android today!