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Toll Calculator for Cars

The Tollsmart Toll Calculator for Cars will calculate toll costs across any routes in the US, Canada and Mexico and display alternate routes that can save you money.  Built in a Google Maps interface, it displays the time, distance and toll costs so you can quickly determine your optimal route.  It also displays the transponders that are accepted at each toll facility and alerts you to where you will encounter cashless tolls.

Toll Calculator for Cars

Toll Calculator for Trucks

Relied upon by thousands of truckers the Tollsmart Truck Toll Calculator will calculate toll costs across any routes in the US, Canada and Mexico for vehicles up to 9-axles in size. It uses a Google Maps interface so its super easy to use and factors in all vehicle parameters such as the height, weight and axle count to provide the most accurate toll cost estimates that can be added to invoices and bids for freight shipments and other transportation services. 

Truck Toll Calculator

Free Toll Calculators

Tollsmart makes free toll calculators available via the Tollsmart mobile apps for iPhone and Android.  These applications do everything the web apps do and more, including displaying express lanes pricing and a unique toll tracking service that uses your phone's GPS to track tolls in real time as you drive through them ( currently iPhone only).

Toll Calculator iPhone
Toll Calculator Android
Toll Calculator and Toll Tracker for iPhone