Europe Tolls

Europe has twice as many miles of toll roads as the US, and countries like France and Italy have toll roads throughout. Tollsmart now covers all toll roads, bridges and tunnels in four European countries; France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, with more in the works. This includes all border crossings such as the toll tunnels in the Alps between Italy, France and Switzerland and the Channel Tunnel (or Chunnel) under the English Channel connecting the UK to France.


Tolls can be quite expensive so if you are planning a road trip through Europe be sure to budget for toll expenses by using our free toll calculator for France, Italy, Spain and Portugal . For example, tolls for driving a 2-axle passenger vehicle from Rome to Paris costs €180 (over $200 US) one way, while a trip from Paris to Madrid will set you back nearly $100 (€86.60).  Tolls for RVs and trucks will be much more expensive so if you are planning on renting a motor home or recreational vehicle be sure use our European toll calculator for trucks and other large vehicles.


Cost of tolls from Rome to Paris
The cost of tolls for driving a car from Rome, Italy to Paris, France.