Coronavirus Accelerates the Shift to Cashless Tolling

Tolling Facilities Across the US Stop Accepting Cash In Order to Stem the Spread of COVID-19

In order to help stem the spread of coronavirus many toll facilities across the US have temporarily stopped collecting cash and are relying exclusively on toll tags and transponders or toll-by-mail and pay-by-plate billing.  This accelerates a trend toward cashless tolling that many toll facilities are already in the process of implementing or have already completed, such as the Massachusetts Turnpike. 


What does this means for those who need to travel but don't have an E-ZPass or SunPass or other electronic toll tag? They will be directed to use those express lanes and will then be sent a bill in the mail based on a photo of the license plate, and in many instances the service fees will be waived.

Some toll facilities have actually gone as far as suspending toll charges completely meaning that travel over those facilities will be free until the crisis is over. Because every state and tolling authority has implemented their own distinct policies for converting to cashless tolling, we've aggregated all of changes so you can quickly view these changes at each facility. We will be updating this list on a daily basis until these temporary changes are rolled back, or made permanent (at which point we'll roll them into our tolling applications and API services).  Unless absolutely necessary, please stay at home and keep healthy!


Tolling Facility/Region State Additional Details
Foley Beach Express AL UPDATE: Cash is now accepted as of May 1 
Montgomery Expressway AL UPDATE: Cash is now accepted as of May 1
Tuscaloosa By-Pass AL UPDATE: Cash is now accepted as of May 1
7 San Francisco Bay Area Bridges CA  
San Francisco Bay Area Express Lanes CA Tolls are suspended until at least April 7. UPDATE: Tolling resumes as of June 1.
All Delaware State Toll Facilities  DE UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on all Delaware toll facilities on May 21st. 
Central Florida Expressway Toll Facilities FL  UPDATE: Cash Tolling resumes on June 1.
Floridas Turnpike Toll Facilities FL Exact change lanes still operating/accepted
Lee County Toll Facilities FL Cape Coral Bridge, Midpoint Memorial Bridge, Sanibel Causeway 
Illinois Tollway IL  
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge LA UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on May 16th
LA 1 Toll Bridge LA UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on May 18th
All Maryland State Toll Facilities MD  
Mackinac Bridge MI/ON Credit Cards will be accepted (toll collector will hold card reader)
Blue Water Bridge MI/ON Ontario, CA side only (crossing into Michigan)
Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge MO Tolls suspended. UPDATE: Tolls resumed on May 4th.
New Hampshire Turnpike NH Only exact change will be accepted for cash from 5am-9pm
New Jersey Turnpike NJ UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on May 19th 
Garden State Parkway NJ UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on May 19th  
Atlantic City Expressway NJ  UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on May 19th
Ocean Drive Bridges NJ UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on May 20th
Dingman Bridge NJ/PA Tolls suspended.  UPDATE: Tolling to resume as of June 12.
Atlantic Beach Bridge NY Tolls suspended. UPDATE: Tolling has resumed as of June 1st.
New York State Thruway NY Travelers without an E-ZPass will be asked which entrance they used as they exit the Thruway and will be sent a bill by mail. UPDATE: Cash tolling has resumed as of June 4th.
Lincoln Tunnel NY/NJ  
Holland Tunnel


George Washington Bridge NY/NJ  
Creek Turnpike OK  
Kilpatrick Turnpike OK Only PikePass or exact change accepted
Hood River-White Salmon Bridge OR/WA Tolls suspended until May 1
Pennsylvania Turnpike PA  UPDATE: PA Turnpike has now made this a permanent change and will no longer accept cash.
7 Delaware River Commission Bridges PA/NJ Exceptions include the Tacony-Palmyra and Burlington-Bristol Bridges. UPDATE: Cash will be accepted again starting May 11.
4 Delaware River Port Authority Bridges PA/NJ  
Newport Pell Bridge RI Only at night (from 9PM-6AM)
Cross Island Parkway SC Tolls suspended UPDATE: Tolling resumed as of June 19th.
Southern Connector SC  
Harris County Toll Roads (Houston) TX  
Harris County Toll Roads (Houston) TX Tolls suspended: Sam Houston, Hardy, Tomball, Westpark and Katy Freeway. UPDATE: Tolling has resumed as of April 29, 2020.
METRO HOT Lanes (Houston) TX HOT Lanes are closed. UPDATE: As of May 11 HOT Lanes have reopened.
San Luis Pass (Galveston) TX Tolls suspended until April 3
Chesapeake Expressway VA  
Downtown Expressway VA  
Dulles Toll Road VA  
George P Coleman Memorial Bridge VA UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on Friday, June 12th. 
Powhite Parkway Extension VA Exact change is still accepted in machines. UPDATE: Cash tolling resumed on Monday, June 1st (up until 9PM EST each day).
Memorial Bridge WV/OH Tolls suspended. UPDATE: Tolling resumed on Wednesday, May 20th.
A25 Bridge QC Tolls suspended.  UPDATE: Tolling will resumed on Monday, May 25th.
Highway 30 QC Tolls suspended. UPDATE: Tolling will resumed on Monday, May 25th.