Tollsmart Adds European Tolls

Tollsmart coverage now includes coverage of all toll roads, tunnels and bridges in France, Italy and Spain.

Tollsmart Expands Coverage to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal

Tollsmart covers all vehicle sizes from motorcycles to passenger vehicles to tractor trailer trucks.
Tollsmart covers all vehicle sizes including large trucks

Although it sounds counterintuitive to be expanding geographically during this period of self-isolation, here at Tollsmart we're excited to announce we've greatly expanding the geographic coverage of our service by increasing the number of countries we cover from 3 to 7 and for the first time enable users to calculate toll costs in countries outside North America.  The Tollsmart apps*, APIs and Data Services now include all toll roads, tunnels and bridges in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, significantly increasing our current coverage of toll facilities in the US, Canada and Mexico.


Similar to our service for North America, Tollsmart will calculate toll costs across any routes in these three countries for all types and sizes of vehicles, from motorcycles to 2-axle passenger vehicles to large commercial trucks.  It also lists the toll transponders from each country so you can see where your transponder will be accepted and applies any applicable discounts. 


These countries represent a large contiguous land mass in Western Europe so you can plot routes between all four, such as from Rome, Italy to Paris, France or Lyon, France to Madrid, Spain, allowing you to view the distance, time and toll costs across multiple possible route options to make fully information navigation decisions.


The Tollsmart service also allows you to add waypoints to your routes, so you can use it to plot extensive road trips with multiple stops across thousands of kilometers of roads.  For example you can use it to plot a three-country road trip from Venice, Italy to Barcelona, Spain with stops in Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez France along the way, a feature very useful for trucking and logistics companies as well.


List view displays a detailed list of each toll you'll encounter on your route along with the toll cost.
List view displays a detailed list of tolls and costs on your route

The Tollsmart mobile apps for iOS and Android provide two alternatives for viewing your routes, Map view and List view. The default is Map view which displays your route on a map with push pins indicating where all the toll facilities you'll encounter along your route are located.  However if you want to view a detailed list of all the tolls as well as their costs you can select List view. 


List view also displays the predicted time of passing each toll, based on when you entered the route. This allows the app to appropriately apply prices for tolls that change based on the time of day, day of week or other seasonal pricing and predicts the amount of driving time required to reach each toll facility along your route.  If you are planning a trip in advance, no problem as the Tollsmart service allow you to enter a date and time for starting your route.  There is also an option to email the list as a CSV file for expense tracking.


For those unfamiliar with road travel in Europe, be forewarned there are MANY tolls, especially in France and Italy, involving thousands of tolling facilities and very complex networks of toll roads which highlights why we're so excited to announce this major expansion of the Tollsmart service!


You can try out our new European toll service by visiting our free toll calculator website and entering some routes or downloading the free Tollsmart Toll Calculator app for iOS. (*This feature will be added to Tollsmart for Android in the coming weeks)